The Guest Bedroom has been restored!

Many of you probably remember that horrible winter we had back in 2014. Sadly, that winter season caused some disturbance at Lane Place. Our Guest Bedroom had severe water damage that left the wallpaper torn and degrading. To reproduce the wallpaper would have cost us thousands of dollars, but the damage needed to be repaired.


Guest Bedroom at Lane Place before the Restoration

Luckily, with the wonderful paint restoration skills of Lora Craft-Whiles, the Guest Bedroom was able to be restored and is ready to be gazed upon once again! What a great gift to have for our visitors when we reopen on March 1, 2016!


Guest Bedroom at Lane Place post Restoration (Taken 2.25.2016)

Thank you again Lora Craft-Whiles! We could not have done this without you!

Come visit Lane Place March 1, 2016 for our reopen and enjoy our new Bicentennial Exhibition!


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